Aston Martin Virage video review by — 15 Comments

  1. The Aston martin is disign classic, its the Everest in coolness and the universe in splendor.

  2. apparently Aston were sniffing around Mercedes as an engine supplier, but seems so far nothing has happened. Pity they can’t just make their own as e.g McLaren now does (albeit based on a Nissan engine!).

  3. sadly the engines are indeed made by Ford in Köln, Germany. Most of the other ford crap has gone, but still seems to have those idiotic ford stick type keyholes in the doors.

  4. actually, the aston 5.9 litre V12 is just two ford mondeo 3.0 litre v6s stuck together:)

  5. Astons are powered by Ford, the contract is to be extended another 4 years, therefore, all Astons build from about 2003 until today are Ford powered. 

  6. Powered by Ford, Ford chassis and Ford buttons inside. Why would anyone pay this much for an Aston?

  7. Porsche have been making variants on the 911 for many years now, improving it each time. Aston have created a timeless look and if they keep selling well and we still love them… Why would you mix it up?

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