Rory MacDonald: ‘Me and Georges Are Not Going to Fight’

Rory MacDonald talks about his upcoming fight against BJ Penn, his eye injury, if he would fight Georges St-Pierre and much more during a UFC 154 Q&A session with fans. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos like this. Click here: – Check us out on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting


Rory MacDonald: ‘Me and Georges Are Not Going to Fight’ — 22 Comments

  1. Walk into an Office Depot & look at what the manager is wearing – the same thing Rory is wearing. Can’t handle the truth? Wow… how sad.

  2. Haha… whatever you say, child. Doesn’t change the fact that I merely spoke the truth. Go into an Office Depot & the manager will be dressed just like Rory is dressed here. But hey – you can compliment the Office Depot manager for having “style”. Wow… how sad.

  3. Haha… calm down, “brosky”. He is dressed like a boss at an Office Depot… it was just a joke, son.

  4. Your comments are sad, brosky. And yes, I’d call that style. It’s not my style, but it’s style and fashionable. What do you call style?

  5. I talk the same way and people take it as being stupid. It takes balls to get in front of a crowd and talk, especially when it is so awkward.

  6. You know what! I think you might be on to something their,He does suspiciously look like superman without the glasses!

  7. most women wouldnt be strippers. so the women who do choose to be strippers are not normal. It doesnt even have to be a negative thing, the same can be said for female astrologists really.

  8. ur not in it for the money or to beat the best at ur weight class….the heck are u in it for rory?

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