Zen Buddhism – Shaolin Monk Steel Jacket Kung Fu Demo — 24 Comments

  1. No he won’t be able to destroy anyone inside an MMA ring. In fact, he will be the one who’s going to be defeated in less than 1 minute. Why? Because monks don’t do MMA gayporn shit. They are trained to INJURE their opponents which is not allowed inside the ring. They are not trained to grapple half-naked sweaty guys and make them tap out. They are not very familiar with sport-type combat.

  2. One idiot guy keeps explaining why he doesn’t feel pain. He keeps talking about the monk’s breathing method and shit. Bullshit! I don’t care if he doesn’t feel pain. I want to know the physical effects on his body, not the mental ones.

  3. If the old bloke can break it ….what does that tell you of how much a bobly this actually is

  4. its not that he dont feel pain but only that the energy is reversed by his chi

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  6. Thats shifu yanzi, he lives in london with another monk called shifu yan lei, they actually train some mma fighters.

  7. The reality is if someone like shifu shi yanzi enters the mma, he will destroy pretty much anyone!!!! you have to know what warrior shaolin monks like him are to get what im sayin!!!! i mean there has to a difference between athlete fighters and shaolin warrior monks from the mountains!!!!

  8. I have been training with Shifu Shi Yanzi for 10yrs now & I can assure you he’s the real deal! Year after year we produce British National Champions at San Shou competitions and have also achieved 2 Silver medals at the World Games… You should check out his brother Shifu Yan Lei who is also a rare breed of martial artist- Amazing Iron Jacket skills! : )

  9. as richardilet below says this man can fight! He has trained Sanshou full contact champions in this country… ok Sanshou is not mma ( no ground fighting ) but it is full contact and includes throws.. so if this ‘guy’ trained some groundwork who knows how he would do… hes no ‘form fairy’ i can assure ur homework b4 u start slagging of ur betters.. mind you looking at ur channel u r no friend of reason!

  10. this “guy” has been height times chinese champion of sanshou, which is the fighting form of kung fu, and twice world champion of the same discipline, he’s never lost a fight. I don’t think a discipline as commercial as mma is of great interest for him

  11. MMA is no test for Monks… a monk would never fight MMA. its goes against morals

    listen to the Dr. real close in the begining…

  12. Maybe MMA wouldn’t be the right spot to fight for a monk , I guess. They are religious people in the end and want to show what the body is capable of. It would just don’t be right to bring a shaolin monk to a MMA fight.

    They are surely strong and they could win a fight against a MMA-figther, but they could loose as well.

  13. monks are tough. there have been several kinds of tradional iron ,steel marital arts for hundreds of years. chinese all know that monks are real figher and capable to take heavy blow.

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