Drake – Aston Martin Music (Lost Verse) CDQ + Download — 24 Comments

  1. This is the type of song that makes you think about life when you’re driving alone in the car by night..

  2. Make more. Funky like my daughter. Come on your. An artist.y daughter can make. Better music and she’s 7years old

  3. McAfee site advisor says the download link in the info is dangerous… and itunes doesn’t offer a download… WTF

  4. SOOOO much better without Rick fucking Ross being obnoxious. Drake is an amazing lyricist, fuck what anyone else thinks, I really dont care if you disagree. He’s the absolute best.

  5. my bestie plays this while we blazen in the car ” saying this is my fav song just listen to the words ” hmm what u tryna say …

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