Melodia de Amor – LA HORA DE LA VERDAD

EP 08 – FABIAN Y ROCIO DECLARAN EL AMOR QUE SIENTEN MUTUAMENTE. / — TuTele presenta el octavo episodio de “Melodía de Amor”. Fabian y Rocio tienen finalmente la oportunidad de declarar el amor que sienten mutuamente. Stacey recibe una noticia impactante….


Melodia de Amor – LA HORA DE LA VERDAD — 21 Comments

  1. the hospital looks like a masseuse place…there was massage oil in the other guys room

  2. This is a pretty minimalist hospital. Nothing to keep the patients alive after life support. Theres no medical supplies! Kind of ruins the believability. Even novelas have props!

  3. Can someone tell me when the next one is???? I can’t find episode 9… and I need it LOL

  4. Love the series. Catching the mistakes (makeup in a coma -_- really?) and really dramatic music…but I like it 🙂

  5. will someone wipe the black shit off of her eyes? shes supposed to be in a coma….

  6. If U Guys Have Not Seen Real Novelas They Are Really Dramatic.! and I Shed A Tear When Rocio And Fabien Had There Moment. I love This Novela.! Great Job Guys.! <3

  7. call me perv… but the first scene looked like a part of your gay porn collection

  8. i would put a ring on that hot rocio , she has cute personalty a girl i always been dreaming of meeting

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