Ultimate Car Factories Rolls Royce – Part 1 — 8 Comments

  1. Well, if you must, in Canada you could probably get by pretending you’re English, just put on an accent, watch a lot of Top Gear and stop brushing your teeth (oh man, am I ever going to take some heat for this LOL! )

  2. …that way you could say things like bloke and brilliant or even add an “R” when two vowels meet in a sentence, like when they say Honda-r-Accord, hahahahahaha!!!

  3. Yeah, why did you  get a British voice. Cheap Charlies! This dude is a pain in the ear.

  4. Interesting but sorry I find the voice of the American bloke narrating it a bit irritating. He sounds like he’s voicing for a ride at Disney World or something.

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