Acura NSX run in Orlando FL

Acura NSX run in Orlando FL, we had about 12 NSX’s on this trip. I (Pablo Medina) was able to hang out with my Real Estate coach and mentor (Jason Rodriguez). This is my first video of my new Social Media empire. Let me know what you think. More videos to come from me and TMT Investors Group


Acura NSX run in Orlando FL — 15 Comments

  1. Well atleast we know no matter how rich a beaner gets he will always put big old cheap looking chrome wheels on his car stick to your Chevy Astro vans putos

  2. Such a nice NSX Convoy ruined with that damn racket in my ears…Id’a rather listen to your bullshit conversations than that…am I hatin’?…yeah, that fuckin’ MUSIC!

  3. Sick rides! Come to Houston and I’ll let u test drive mine if u can sell my house. Lol

  4. Haters hate the fact that they have haters hating also. The haters hate hating haters. Swagger. Its all about swagger. Swagger hating.

  5. LOL…. ok so maybe the music isn’t the best but it was my first video being edited.

  6. amen brutha. its all good. I let everyone talk and share their opinion but i still do me. b easy….

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