Future – Karate Chop (ft. Casino) — 24 Comments

  1. yung nigga play wit keys like a type-writer… ahhhhhh! slang a bunch o narcotics

  2. “Slang a bunch of Narcotics / Pull up in that new ‘Rarri / Living like John Gotti / Choppin’ bricks like Karate / Drink a bunch of Codeine / Servin to the dope fiends / Blowin’ money stay clean / Michael Jackson, Billie Jean”

  3. I swear Casino sounds like Rick Ross!!! LOLOLOL, when I thought it was Rick Ross, I turned the sound thinking it was over. Haha.

  4. Gotta a young bitch pullin up in a vet , pop a lot if pills have a lot of sex

  5. In a four door chevy with a fuckin rifle, nigga where ya at nigga we gone pull up on ya

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