CRAZY old man RIPS on his 1967 fastback mustang — 20 Comments

  1. 45 mph limit for a car that should go at a 100 to set the horses free… Only in ‘merica…

  2. The YouTube Traffic Cop has issue these citations:
    Exhibition Driving
    Reckless Driving
    Missing Front License plate
    Missing Interior Rug
    Incomprehensible Dialogue
    Sign Here x———————————————–

  3. the interior looks like shit!
    you can see it when he shifts and the camera goes down.

  4. same people always asking the same thing, you realize you can make any muscle car into the perfect track car with just a few modifications right??  it seems you people cant understand that.

  5. may god damn high definition cameras…….makes a terrible illusion that the car is going slow

  6. Nice test on those rod bolts and guts done @ 1:21. lol. whooops. That, boys and girls, is why you build with a little insurance in mind. If you can afford the parts for 6500 reliable RPM, save a little extra and build it to spec at 7000RPM.

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