Loud-mouthed skinny punk vs Kung Fu Master! Caution: Profanity, Violence. Shaolin — 24 Comments

  1. Kung Fu? I saw this vid long time ago some where else and it said karate xD Althou i think its kung fu one of the animal style cant remember..

  2. I like how the “gangster” told him no kickboxing and white boy responded “its a street fight anything goes”…beast mode

  3. yeah but his stance scared them enough to keep them away lol. When in doubt just pretend you know martial arts LMAO.

  4. This kid knows how to defend himself. Obviously as the hispanic guy swings crazily he blocks it for a good 2-3 seconds and when he gets the chance he hits him with 1 good one and drops the guy.

  5. mustve been the long white gym socks with way too large shorts that got in the way…. oh wait, thats a “style”? LOL fckkkkk….

  6. hahaah he looked like a fag at first intill the other guy got knocked the fuck olike if you agree

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