Curry County Jail Fight MMA Style(Caught on Tape)

You ever wonder what happens when a fight breaks out inside the jail cells. I’ve seen some crazy prison fights on some of them reality shows on TV but not like this one. This video was taken from a Curry County jail. A fight that lasted almost 6 minutes you would have thought it would have been broken up by inmates or prison guards. But I guess they just sat around eating popcorn to enjoy their own personal MMA fight!


Curry County Jail Fight MMA Style(Caught on Tape) — 13 Comments

  1. yea this is clovis jail and i’ve been there twice thats pod 3 its a pretty small pod… in dirty curry all they do is fight i was in pod 2 which was a gladiator pod… the guards are so afraid that they wait until its over before they intervene… luckily they sent me to prison which was 10x better than that jail…

  2. Why are these 2 even in the same jail block together. Who’s the idiot administrator that placed them both in there. If one guy killed the others brother and the other was a witness at his trial it’s obvious that more bad blood would get spilt.

  3. Caught you lying. This is from your first replied comment. “i do know, i have bin doing it for several years but this is not really MMA for me its more wrestling and boxing”. I thought you said you haven’t been doing it? LOL.

  4. I never said MMA is a fightingstyle and i guess you never did MMA cause ells you wouldve known that in Europe MMA also stands for mixed martial arts as in combining different martial arts as one sport so i dont say crap you just did 😉

  5. The main reason is because “MMA” is not a fighting style. You don’t train “MMA”. You train For MMA, and that only happens if you’re going as an amateur for MMA. You having a lack of what MMA is obviously shows that you don’t train MMA.

  6. what makes you think that ? jut because i made a remark of this video it does not proof that i am not MMA fighter or have trained in it

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