KRAV MAGA: Choke Defense Series – Two Hand Front Choke Defense

HowToKravMaga Two Hand Front Choke Defense Script/Description Before you can react the attacker grabs your neck, squeezing your wind pipe with both hands. In this situation you must react as fast and as effective as possible. Steps: 1. When you first feel your attacker’s fingers pressing into your neck and cutting off your air you immediately cup your hand around one of your attacker’s wrists violently pivoting back your entire body on the side of your cupping hand. 2. Strike your attacker with a strong chop to the jugular vein, using your hand closer to his body. Use strength while doing this, although this step is merely meant to throw the attacker into a short state of disorientation. 3. Now quickly bring your leg on your chopping hand’s side, to the opposite side of your opponent’s body. 4. Next use your opponent’s neck as a pressure point, and throw it sideways, in a fast motion by twisting your waist. At the same time you must pull the wrist that your hand is cupped around, diagonally downward, aiding the attackers fall. Your leg is already in place to simultaneously trip him. He will fall to the ground fast and hard. 5. Once the attacker is on the floor, you can either pin him down, or run for help. Remember this move is for defensive purposes only. Do not try this unless you’re properly trained, or have proper supervision. 6.Please Subscribe, for updates on new videos by HowToKravMaga!


KRAV MAGA: Choke Defense Series – Two Hand Front Choke Defense — 15 Comments

  1. In classic Krav Maga you are taught to rapidly knee the attacker in the groin and then take him down. This is the way we were taught to quickly take down the attacker, its a bit different than the classical takedown, yet we find it more effective. Thanks for the comment.


  2. I don’t mean to be critical, but, why do you call this Krav Maga. These techniques are counter to how Krav Maga is taught by any of the legitimate Krav Maga organizations. Interesting…yes. Useful…..maybe. Krav Maga……uh, uh.

  3. Dude we are glad to help.
    That’s what our channel is here for.

    Thanks for the support,

  4. well i was watching this a while ago and it has helped me recently with where i live people get really offencive and attack all the time and this has helped to show people not to screw with me so thanks

  5. wat if u didnt do it at the start of the choke hold just a little bit more after

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