Incredible Acura NSX — 24 Comments

  1. i know man. i want to go to UTI, keep it short it’s a school with many different automotive courses around my country with their own courses, drift, rock crawl(second choice), drag, nascar. and obviously i’m going for what ever deals with drift…

  2. Keep working towards your goals man, dont give up at what you are doing. Get yourself decent grades and a good job you love! you willl get them one day

  3. ha…s15…s13’s are where it’s at xD i live in america and funny thing…my top 2 cars i would kill for is a WRX/STI and a S13…sadly i have a 02′ f150…lol, plus im only 16 and wish to become a pro drifter..

  4. I should do the same with my camry 🙂 then put a t3/t4 turbo with new intake and exhaust manifold n borla exhaust. Or I’ll just buy an nsx

  5. No I do not live in America, been there but don’t live there. I live currently in the UK & used to live in New Zealand.

  6. so do you live in japan cuz its nearly impossible to get a true s15 in america haha, and im not a child

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