Chase Armitage’s Wushu Documentary (Best Parts)

This is a video of the actual wushu parts in Chase Armitage’s “Wushu Documentary” (Same music, same everything just cut out of the 30 minute long documentary) The music is in this order: Voodoo people – The prodigy Hold your colours – Pendulum Streamline – Pendulum Sounds of life – Pendulum feat Jasmine Lee


Chase Armitage’s Wushu Documentary (Best Parts) — 17 Comments

  1. Yes, this is the name of the song, you can pull it up on youtube, here(u probably already have)……

  2. The part with “Hold your colours”, has only a part of the song in it, so it is not exactly the same as the whole song.

    If the one you have downloaded starts off with a guy saying “Soaking through” and it echoes, then it is the right song, keep listening to it and you’ll find the part that was used in the video.

    The music at 2:50 is still the same song

  3. are you sure?? I have download the song and it is not the same music, and so what is the music that shows into the 2’50min.?

  4. The song at 2:18 is called “Hold your colours” by “Pendulum”

    And thank you very much for the nice comment!

  5. what’s the music that sows it into the minut: 2’18??? I like the video, it inspire very much, that’s good

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