Gun Disarm Training with Airsoft Pistols – Online Ninjutsu Lesson

Ninjutsu (Bujinkan) BLACKBELT VIDEO COURSE: “Basics of Ninja Training” from (Instant Download, DVD or Blu-ray.) This lesson demonstrates safety considerations and techniques for training with Airsoft pistols to simulate defense against live ammunition attacks. WANT TO BE A GENUINE NINJA? This lesson supplements the “Basics of Ninja Training” downloadable Black Belt Course in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (also called ninjutsu / ninja.) Download the course, or single lessons, at: http Thanks to our subscriber Rigor Sardonicous for the music For affiliate info go to


Gun Disarm Training with Airsoft Pistols – Online Ninjutsu Lesson — 23 Comments

  1. Good point and there is another 2 hours worth of such we would mention if there was time.

  2. You guys were demostrating the most important aspect of gun disarms but never mentioned it! Whenever you do a disarm, always retain the weapon NEVER give it back, you are now in turn the attacker and the disarm has to be done to you for your partner to be the attacker, this is supremely important and glad you demonstrated this.

  3. Great video, the first technique was a refresher for me, and the others were great to learn

  4. Thanks for watching. All the free videos are here. The blackbelt course has different prices depending on what you order. It’s on sale right now, check it the details at ninja-learing-network[dotcom]. If you send us a message with your email we will send you the course guide for free. Train ON!

  5. is your basic ninja training black belt course, free to instant download?or how much is it? thanks!

  6. You are incorrect about grabbing the slide. It’s been done in training many times over. If you grab the slide/barrel and they fire the weapon, it moves a fraction and jams. You can literally jam a semi auto using your index finger and thumb. By redirecting at the wrist, it causes the gun to jerk back toward you. Redirect using the barrel for control.

  7. Just curious, but if you were the guy with the gun (for self defense) what would you do if somebody came at you with these moves? They didn’t teach us disarm defense in concealed carry course.

  8. they should post a video practicing at full speed
    use a nerf gun if you are afraid of getting hit or breaking your finger

  9. You spoke about not grabbing the slide because if it goes off it’ll cut you up badly. however, in most of the grabs the hand is behind the slide, would the slide hit the hand at this point?

  10. Those disarms could work but it would take years to master and if your dealing with a guy who knows what he is doing with a gun they would never work.
    The best martial art for gun disarming is krav maga

  11. nice but some tactics don’t work in real life velocity
    non complex tactics are best , that is why Krav Maga or Kapap was created
    this is why i change from ninjutsu to krav maga nevertheless ninjutsu is great for developing velocity and body self control
    please don’t get me wrong

  12. You should be moving out the way then grabbing the muzzle of the gun, because once a shot is discharged and the slide is held back the gun won’t chamber a new round, then you should proceed.

  13. We’ve trained several times with live ammo on the shooting range where we held the slide and/or slid it back. The process immobilized the gun, which did not fire at all. About 50% of the time the gun jammed. With that in mind, using the weapon as a bludgeon after the disarm may be safer than thinking you could take it and fire it. Not saying you DEFINITELY won’t hurt your finger by holding the slide, but you should get some gloves and an unloaded semi and see what happens.

  14. Yes this is a great point and we show something like that in an earlier video we posted awhile ago CALLED “Ninja Self Defense: Everyday Concepts Part 2, Gun & Knife Attack” (sorry i cant put the link here, youtube doesnot allow it. I will message it to you. We also have some advanced instruction about it in our download black belt course at our web site NINJA LEARNING NETWORK

  15. I’ve seen practice disarms where the unarmed target wraps his hand around the pistol of the assailant and immobilizes the hammer of the gun before manipulating anything else. Would you advise doing that in any situation?

  16. Good point and sometimes that scenario will actually happen in war zones with unsophisticated enemies, or amped and inexperienced criminals.

  17. mmm its ok but i think no one with some common sense would´t get to close to his victim thus losing the advantage of a gun. I DON´T mean they´ll stand 3 meters away, but they won´t push the victims chest with the gun allowing to grab their hands so easily. 1 meter or more is just enough to prevent this techniques from working

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