Drunk Woman Gropes Young Boy on a Bus!

Boy getting groped by Drunk Hot Milf on the bus is nuts! Boy getting groped by drunk hot milf on the bus is going to be viral. What do you think of the boy getting groped by drunk hot milf on the bus video? Thanks so much for watching my video! I really appreciate it! My Twitter, follow…


Drunk Woman Gropes Young Boy on a Bus! — 14 Comments

  1. @livin4christ83 I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this is sickening.

  2. dats disgusting is the lady so desperate she cant get a man she gropes on a young boy ..dats borderline rape she was on her way to engagin in more ..just nastyy …i wish a woman would wit my son ..press charges on dat a** dats violation rite there nuthin funny about it

  3. And that is why children should not be on a bus alone without their parents or some adult they know. That was pretty awkward and uncomfortable to watch. She was trying to take his clothes off while grinding all up on him.

    It’s wrong and if either of them were another gender it would still be wrong.
    This video is going to haunt that woman for the rest if her life. Haha. I feel awkward for both of them…

  4. personally i love how long your videos are cause if its just a short video then it doesnt really get to the point if its a short vid but if its long it gets to the point

  5. All I have to say is that his friends are annoying as fuck. They should spend less time cackling like fucking hyenas and gypsies, and more time getting a better camera angle… I felt like I was watching a shittier version of the blair witch project, as directed by one m night shyamalan…

  6. The issue over older male vs old woman seems to be a moot point. Obviously it’s the same, but what scares people when talking about a male doing such a thing is the vast difference in the power dynamic. Typically, even a younger boy could probably overpower an older woman, but that is not the case when you speak of a young girl against an older man. So that brings in the issue of force and will, which typically leads the mind down the path of rape. So it’s a matter of perception and connotation.

  7. Most people make the argument, “If it was an old man, it would be all over the place and he would be in prison this very moment.” But you don’t even have to do that. Leave the situation as is and swap out the boy for a girl of the same age. In that instance the woman would be viewed immediately and without hesitation as a child molester. So why if she gropes a boy it’s different?

    I’m here! lol

  8. lmao she was about to give him head at the end then someone broke it up.

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