2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 Laps Navarra Race Circuit! – Ignition Episode 12

On this episode of Ignition, guest host and Motor Trend technical director Frank Markus hits Spain’s Navarra race circuit with Bentley’s new Continental GT V8. Find out if this V8 version of the GT actually improves upon its W12 big brother. Read the full story here: www.motortrend.com Ignition appears every Monday on the new Motor Trend channel. www.youtube.com Subscribe now to make sure you’re in on all the action! www.youtube.com Facebook – facebook.com Twitter – twitter.com Google+ – plus.google.com Website – www.motortrend.com


2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 Laps Navarra Race Circuit! – Ignition Episode 12 — 23 Comments

  1. considering bentley’s racing heritage i’m not all too mad at the presenters idea of taking it to a track. being that its a luxury coupe I see where your coming from, but it is a new engine swap for the GT and where do you go to test out a new engine, the track. you also test its “quality” there too, to make sure its solid and well finished. see what I mean?

  2. i feel like this is more like a really really really really good muscle car yknow!! its beautiful V8 and fat and heavy lol i love it

  3. So much for the fuck ups, I love this guy, he’s so goofy and hes not bad at road testing, he’s the American equivalent of James May

  4. hahahaha, it’s funny. Probably most viewers do not get the meaning of your joke. (UNDEFINED= HORRIBLE ARCHITECTURE)

  5. @fdjw88
    Yeah a but its a bently not a sport car. Handbuilt not robots.. Reall wood not accents. Quality leather not bullshit. They are not even in the same class dunbass

  6. There’s nothing wrong with discussion on here but to the people who talk as if they’re going to buy the damn car, relax your brain please.

  7. sweet video but am I the only one who noticed the Bently on the mountain road is different than the one on the track?

  8. i agree with you but i was talking in general about the gas prices and government putting pressure on car companies making fuel efficient cars while the gas prices still high… not on the Bentley.. but you do have a point.

  9. Because you don’t get anywhere thinking there’s no point in doing something. The W12 in this car wasn’t even any good, every car magazine says so, it was just something people bragged about. The new V8 is better in every single way while using less gas. If you can use less gas while going faster then why wouldn’t you?

  10. but whats the point of making fuel economy cars if the gas prices are high, does not matter what kind of car is it…what have we saved absolutely nothing.

  11. This car still sticks to the soul of Bentley. The famous Bentley 4 liter? Now this one has the 4.0 V8.

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  13. Nice. Still not keen on those back wheel arches. I think this model toned them down a bit which is better tho

  14. Lol u guys are like saying why buy a bentley when i could just get a civic and fix it.. because bentley gives uu much more RESPECT!!

  15. then plz inspire me how to appreciate these exotic cars, i am willing to listen.

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