2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS vs. 2011 Ford Mustang GT – Comparison Test — 19 Comments

  1. It’s actually not faster. Does calling someone a kid make you feel cool lmao Internet tough guy huh? You don’t even know how old I am or what I do, so keep showing your lack of intelligence. It’s not just motortrend, try car and driver, road and track, and automobile.

  2. Actually the V6 Camaro is faster then the V6 Mustang. Also, you got all your info from just motortrend, which is biased towards mustangs…Get Info from more then one source Kid before you talk trash.

  3. The rest of you, take your broken ass Hondas home.
    You can’t compare an 80,000 base price Z06 to a 30,000-40,000 5.0

  4. Source motortrend
    All cars are 2012/2013

    Mustang V6 vs Camaro V6… Mustang wins
    Mustang 5.0 vs Camaro SS… Mustang wins
    Mustang Boss… The 1LE hasn’t come out yet but will still lose
    Mustang GT500 vs Camaro ZL1 Mustang wins. People need to do research before running their mouths. Do any of you own either of these cars? I own a 2012 5.0 and my roommate owns a 2012 Camaro SS. I have room to talk, I get to sit at the table with the “grown ups” and have an opinion that actually matters. The r

  5. Why dont you take some of your own advice and “shut the fuck up”? I am glad your boyfriend thinks you are the hottestguyoninternet. Bend over and take it like a good little pony boy.

  6. haha amen. 9 times out of 10 they own an 93-98 v6 mustang u can buy for $2,000 pushin a whopping 160hp at the crank. by god they got a ford mustang though, fastest car in the world!

  7. looks like u need to leave the camaro alone and get u a piece of that Z06 vette talk about crying like a bitch thats all i see out of u ford sidewalk sissys

  8. Even if the GT is faster by a fraction of a second, the ZL1 is a way hotter looking car and I personally would consider it. The Mustang is a boring looking Ford. Glad as American companies Ford and GM are doing better though. Both rides if tucked away should be worth big money in about 15-20 years. I personally would rather have an ///M3 if BMW keeps that amazing V8 and doesn’t go backwards with some turbo 6. I bought a Harley-Davidson new, so I can feel patriotic about that – great product too!

  9. holy shit you’re fucking stupid. the 2010 and 2011 camaros are the exact same. what is it with you crying little gm fanboys, shut the fuck up and stop crying like a little bitch

  10. Thats why Mustangs are more affordable. TBH they dont need to upgrade it because they still beat camaro!

  11. put 2011 camaro vs 2011 mustang same year and same amount of performance by what type it is and then see who win camaro will destroy the mustang

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