Why Wing Chun Training Rocks!

www.wingchuntraining.net A four part series simply stating why the wing chun training system rocks. It outlines the 8 key elements that define why it as the deadliest art alive…Well at the very least they are the reason why I love the system and what works for me.. As for deadly…well a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.. To find out more about wing chun training you can go to http


Why Wing Chun Training Rocks! — 7 Comments

  1. The purpose of these introductory videos is lay down the basic foundations of Wing Chun for those interested in learning about the art. Please keep your comments constructive and polite. Any comments that are rude or insulting to other commentors will be removed. As I always I encourage all comments, however please be constructive and contribute to the conversation

  2. Your teaching your granmother to suck eggs, or is it that you like the sound of your own voice, you state the obvious…what is the real purpose of this vid ??

  3. Yep no doubt wing chun is one of those styles that is so much fun to learn

  4. Hi there thanks for your comment.. im from the traditional wing chun school like the idea of beiong ‘old school’ started actually with his brother David in melbourne…

  5. what style do u do i started with wsl wing chun now with willam cheung scool down here in melb

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