Tanner Foust’s 09 Scion tC Drift Car in Detail – Formula Drift 2009

We go in depth with Tanner Foust’s 2009 Scion tC Drift Car! Formula Drift 2009 Long Beach. Go to gtchannel.com for more videos and auto content.


Tanner Foust’s 09 Scion tC Drift Car in Detail – Formula Drift 2009 — 15 Comments

  1. @rawrrrgrrmew no ur an idiot Ken Block has a ford fiesta you sir are the idiot here.

    Ken Block: 2011 Ford Fiesta AWD

    Tanner Foust: 2009 Scion TC RWD

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  3. You tell Scion racing team who’s boss!! THATS A FORD FIESTA!!haha ….idiot

  4. This car is converted to a 4wd by using V8 Toyota Nascar Truck engine. The stock 09 Scion tC is Front wheel drive turn in this a ’09 Rockstar tC FD Car (AEM modified and Nascar powered).

  5. This is the car the Fr-s wants to be. Except with a semblance of balance and real world driveability, at the expense of the massive power that is a racing v8 engine. Always wanted the celica, and for that matter, the tc to be rwd, yet I don’t have as much interest in the fr-s as I thought I would…

  6. Ok so if anyone knows please reply. Does anyone know how much it would cost to change a front to a rear wheel. Ive been looking around but havent found anything.

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