Monty Python – Lingerie Robbery — 23 Comments

  1. Gotta love the mask that doesn’t cover his face nearly enough haha.

  2. i used to get sent to bed when this came on in the late 70s what a joy to watch it now on you tube comedy like it can never be these sad satirical days

  3. Not likely, because this episode more than likely was released BEFORE Holy Grail was even filmed

  4. i’m trying so hard to get his hairstyle. it’s the finest looking hairstyle ive ever seen

  5. “Adopt, adapt, and improve – motto at the Round Table.” Wow! Did they just reference to their movie?!

  6. gosh if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Just because you don’t think its funny doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t =_=

  7. rubbish. if you can’t appreciate talented people & funny sketches, don’t comment.

  8. “Underwear thief who gave the police the slip.”

    Ha Ha! Splendid joke. Fine as silk.

  9. Almost like the joke about the underwear thief who gave police the slip!

  10. This sketch is typical Monty Python – utterly shit and completely unfunny. The best of Python is pure genius, but the majority of their sketches were/are crap.

  11. “So, you have no money whatsoever?”

    “No, sir.”


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