Steve Mcclaren: Living the dream

This is a really rough, rubbish (much like big steve’s tactics) little video but i wanted to comemorate the worst manager in englands history with a beautifull little montage video showcasing his lack of tactics and colgate smile!


Steve Mcclaren: Living the dream — 17 Comments

  1. McClaren asked the English fans & press to judge him on ‘results’. If I was him I’d have asked them to judge me on something like ‘how’s my driving skills’, or punctuality or something totally unrelated to football which involved the English football team.

  2. Yeah but if highly paid managers dont expect flac for poor performing players, they should not be hired to be what they cant deliver. People expect that they CAN bring the best out of players because we’re to some extent led to believe they can and that that’s why they command so much dosh. McClaren just scoops £15 million in 2007 to leave England cos we / he fails

  3. there was a time when teams didnt have a manager, instead they had a general manager and some other form. the players we had were poor at best

  4. Ok but why do managers have to get insane money if theyre not important ? ; why have a bloody manager ?

  5. yeah but how racist are u calling rio black and then saying hes crap. get the fuck out

  6. yeah guys get this, no manager actualy blames another manager cos they arent fucking childish like you lot. get a fucking life yeah, and realise that the players cant cut it

  7. apparently we can just blame mclaren?! well what about the players?? they are rated so highly so why didnt they fucking deliver

  8. @02stv ignore those idiots who blame managers, cos he had the players yet the players didnt perform!

  9. any1 who says he is the worst manager ever is fucking naive and needs to realise that brian barwick didnt assess his options right. if he waited a few more years, then i reckon he would have done better. the players are to blame aswell man, fucking get some spine you disloyal fans

  10. Steve i love you, you made Twente champion of Holland. first in history !
    we play championsleague because of you !
    let the english people saying you did a bad job
    what do you care.

  11. Steve Mcclaren is doing it very well guys
    i’m a supporter of ”fc twente” and he’s the first trainer from fc twente that’s gonne be champion Maybe but he’s a very very very good trainer we past the famous AJAX AND FEYENOORD we didn’t that before steve (L)
    greetz from holland

  12. God save our gracias Steve,
    long live our noble Steve,
    God save our Steve,
    send him victorious,
    happy and glorious,
    hope that he stayes long with us,
    God save our Steve.

    there s only one steve mcclaren.

  13. he’s not a bad manager but he took the job way before he was ready.
    and i personally think if he’d put James in goal england would of made it because robinson had a breakdown in confidence and why he ever put carson in is beyond me.

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