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TheSacconeJolys – HOT GIRL MEETS HELLO KITTY — 22 Comments

  1. I NEVER remember where I park when I go out. I think it’s a female thing though

  2. hey, look at this.. justin bieber exclusive viddeo that i placed on my channel

  3. Ur funny!!!I was watching cuz I <3 looove hello Kitty and here u are lol

  4. awww Jofus idk why but at 5:16 you look so adorable it may be ur eyes lol and u should spike up ur hair a little it looks good on u 🙂 just a thought omg Anna you can hear it lol

  5. I know where the care is but that’s because i’m the one drviing it. lol

  6. im from nothern ireland and i feel for the people down south . Hope the economy gets better, and i understand why all the people hate brian cowen. im so glad he has resigned i think hes made ireland face the most awful economic crisis ever !! jonathan for taoiseach !

  7. My husband says not being able to find the car is a ‘woman thing’. Lol. I have to agree.

  8. haha, im about 5 months away from a history (major) and politics degree and i couldnt care less about the current situation! 🙂

  9. i work in the government sector…and love anything government, economics..and i watch your vlog..:))

  10. Lol I never know where my car is and I’m the driver… At times I have to keep pressing the button on the control

  11. OMGG I am soo tired this week I don’t know what it is something in the air haha !!JOFUs you would be brilliant as the leader hahah I would be soo sad if we didn’t see you guys OFF TO TESCO each day hhahaha

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