Illegal Street racing

READ-I made this video back in 2008 when I was in 6th grade. I didn’t know much about car videos, just put together a bunch of them. If I made it now, I would use a different song. Sorry that everyones pissed. New video coming soon


Illegal Street racing — 23 Comments

  1. 0:21 drifting so much he’s down to the steel in the tyres – not long until they go pop!

  2. laying the good,walking the bad,leaveing the ugly,

  3. Its funny that the Supra cheated and still got its ass whooped by that Syclone

  4. Illegal street racing…….real fun until INNOCENT people get killed. As the maniacs crash and die, the roads become safer for the rest of us. 

  5. There are some street racers near where i live, they do races and they sometimes gather in a parking lot, umad?

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