Geek Chic Lingerie

Add the NEW Sourcefed Facebook page: Nerdy new underwear from Etsy user BunnyJump has us excited. Go to her page here: Click the annotation or go to for the 5 videos we post daily or anything we’ve ever made. Watch more of today’s news Philly D OFFICIAL APP: Hosts: @joebereta @leenewtonsays Music: @ronaldjenkees


Geek Chic Lingerie — 20 Comments

  1. I guess a circumcision gone wrong could create a turtle in a half shell?

  2. IQs 158 and the best job I can find is manager of a distribution warhouse…what is happening

  3. Why would I attack you? You’re absolutely right/ I just like prodding people that are so obviously an inch from the edge and then you get to watch them explode. I already got my fun… if I prodded again mss would stroke out. And I agree with you 100% I just needed to prove the douche wasn’t a genius.

    Yay panties!

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