Very rare fight kung fu vs taekwondo (Master Ehsan Shafiq)

Join me on Facebook at: Ehsan Shafiq is an afghan champion,In 1994 Ehsan faced a black belt Taekwondo dangerous fighter,after 9 minutes of fighting, Ehsan finished his fight by knock out.Ehsan Has 7 Kung Fu School bassed in london. Contact Ehsan On 07961929695


Very rare fight kung fu vs taekwondo (Master Ehsan Shafiq) — 15 Comments

  1. i believe the people who created this video has the wrong information. this is a karate match, therefore, i believe that the man in white is karate.

  2. @eyfstathiadis It us better tae kwon do cant even bend spear with there neck n kung fu shaolin could

  3. The taekwondoka wasn’t really that good. As it has been thaught to me, taekwondo is offense as defense. If you understand what I mean. He always when for the first kick. Taekwondo is known for its reflexes, as a reaction to an attack. The kung fu guy in the video is also faster than the taekwondoka.

  4. Osama younger years before heroin. Don’t do drugs, if it don’t kill you sealteam6 will.

  5. BORING !!!!!! i have way better fight whith my cuzin we fight intel were almost dead

  6. friendly fire, friendly fire, duh
    do I really have to write that I was being sarcastic? -_-

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