Koenigsegg Agera R – evo Magazine — 24 Comments

  1. I love these small supercar companies. from mr. koenigsegg to mr. pagani…one man and one vision for a supercar…brilliant!

  2. @arminask that’s not the steeringwheel on the production cars, as he said it’s Koenigseggs developement car (asuming you’re meaning the grey Agera)

  3. one thing to improve is that steering wheel. it doesn’t fit the extreme looks of this car

  4. @cheng269 EVO Magazine car awards always given to Porsche. Which suggest that they are bias.

  5. Only way I can imagine geting one of these is to (1) run a successful multi million dollar business, (2) get lucky in the stock market, (3) win the lotto or (4) inheritance by some rich uncle that died and left you a sick load of cash…and those are just the legal ways..haha. Me myself..I’m striving for option #1

  6. WHAT? no fucking money to invest into a office!? you have to sign papers and wright a cheque in the fucking waiting room!

  7. Hopefully the ‘normal’ guy in the 40 tonne semi sees you before you collide with him in the tunnel. But the rust perforation warranty is optional. By the time I can afford one of these Apple will have 40 in. iPads. For the price, it does not levitate? Not yet.

  8. I cant decide if id prefer a Koenigsegg or Zonda. Two complete different cars, both godly.

  9. They probably let Harry film there because they assumed he would buy one.

    And I hope he did 🙂

  10. @Alien0244 not at all u should go fuckin die in a whole in a desert u piece of shit

  11. @DoriFord how do u not like the koenigseggs interior? if u honestly think that its not luxurious u must be driving a piece of shit on wheels

  12. @cheng269 Veyron looks terrible… And handling sucks… Top speed is nothing…

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