2012 Lamborghini Aventador “Quality” Official Promo [HD] — 25 Comments

  1. Dear children, I don’t give your toys no more because I sell them At toys r us for tis car so stop fucking asking me love Santa

  2. Saw one of these in orange locally owned. Got to snap some shots, but i wish i had my Canon 🙁 iphone cant do it justice. If i see the guy again, i’ll ask him to let me do a shoot an burn a cd of pocs for him. Only thing Ferrari will get my attention with is the 599. Lamborghini is my first love. Like that woman you love but know you can’t be with :/

  3. Cette video montre un peu comment est conçu la laborghini Aventador j’adore cette video

  4. how come we get bullshit like zrl and a gt500 super snake and they get this.=(

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