Pao Ying Chub Game with Thai Sexy Girl — 24 Comments

  1. Can dun put the yeah cloud thing to block my view to look at something that is fucking nice?

  2. @mhunt5384 Yes they are. I developed symptoms on the 8th day I arrived there, I found out it was Gonorrhea. Fuck it! It was worth it. I don’t worry about STD’s anymore. At the going rate $16.0385 for short time and $48.1155 for long time. If I seen her I would definitely fuck her senseless without a condom.

  3. dam! so many beautiful young girls there! i bet stds and aids are rampid there ! if it wasnt 4 that this would be paradise! wonder how many us dollars it would take 2 pound that girl senceless! ???

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