Silat Suffian Bela Diri – Knife Defence and Knife Fighting Visit us at the link above to know more about Bruneian Martial Arts. ——————————————– ABOUT THE VIDEO This is a Silat Style from Brunei. Its a Weapon-oriented System. The initial unarmed response are the drills used to hone reflex and sensitivity, there are only 3 basic interceptions and from that “base-template” defensive & offensive entries on any attacks armed or unarmed are gained. You learn, you understand, then you understand why you learn. ITS THE MOVEMENTS THAT YOU CAN’T SEE THAT MAKES THE TECHNIQUES EFFECTIVE. The movements and skills shown are NOT CHOREOGRAPHED. Novices are taught to develope thier unarmed single knife awareness, reflexes, correct responses & sensitivity in thier initial training. They are taught to read body moevements through understanding body-mechanics. “Mind-set & Intention” training is also covered practically, usually without concious to the novice. This is the most important training. It is this training that gives the Silat Suffian practitioners a good understanding of reading body-mechanics. The drills & mind-set are designed to help you to respond to any intial knife attack, hidden or otherwise. Training for 1st contact & entries are very important in Silat Suffian Bela Diri, because if you cant initially control the attack could last longger, the longger the confrontation, the higher the risk of you getting injured. In real-time, the drills will be broken-up (pachahkan) and strikes


Silat Suffian Bela Diri – Knife Defence and Knife Fighting — 25 Comments

  1. @LogicGateBrain yes you are right, anyway silat have a lot of different styles and special skill in several places only some of the same skill can be learned for use in legal tournament.

  2. Silat is DEADLY martial art, fcssing on dfendng against deadly atk.
    Unlike Kungfu or TKwonDo,
    U will never c silat actual deadly moves in TV. N some of the skill r kept SECRET wthin mmbers n fmily as it’s dangerous to b in the wrong possession.
    I grew in family whose evryone know this martial art, but nver c them show their skill anywhere for this 20 yrs accept for training.
    I bet silat tend to loose in tournament with another martial art, bcoz they cant use most of their actual skill.

  3. wow its always amazeing to see when someone knows what hes doing , master of knifes

  4. doh you tikam belok-belok what time nok kene…..hahhahahahahahhah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hello Guro Maul. I’ve watched your videos many times and have practiced the techniques with my partners over the last few years. This video alone could be studied for a year… I find your style to be fluid and smooth. Since this video is 5 years old, I’m curious whether your knife techniques have evolved. I could be wrong, but it seems like the techniques in this video are very direct, while your most recent videos show greater use of hand throws, sapus, and complex combinations.

  6. @zippy476 I call that the manson drill :P, but we do it with big markers and old clothing

  7. Next time in your demonstration use a chalk knife, wear all black, and actually try and go full speed and hit each other, instead of this semi rehearsed bullshit where you telegraph all your moves.

    99% of the time in a knife disarm you get cut or stabbed at LEAST once, more if the assailant knows what they are actually doing.

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  9. last week a fucking idiot comes after my money when I was coming home and he was with a knife he tryed to stab me in the back but I take his knife I don’t know how but When he was like come after my back I catch his hand and tome his knife then he run away

  10. @radhiya2006 yeah, even my deceased grandad never taught me kuntau-banjar that he know, now i have to learn it from someone else T.T

  11. they are skilled so highly. their training will be effective if the androids become against human.

  12. i haven’t seen that “War stances”(kuntao) for ages.. nowadays senior(old) people too afraid to past the knowledge to their young…

  13. That is our bassist 🙂 (sankaramusic on myspace) we are so glad that Maul565 is such a great professional trainer.

  14. amazing!!!! the silat is an martial art than inspired me too much respect!!!
    sorry my english
    CLF chile

  15. @salamon Well said. But its always good to know just in case it comes to that. Sometimes the guy will keep atttacking you matter what and you have to resort that far. But if your trained well enough, you should be able to control yourself as well from killing the opponent.

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