Silat G5 Basic Fighting Techniques

Seni Silat Gayang Lima is an offensive martial arts system of which every move hits the target. This Silat art was inspired to Sayidina Samaon Al-Radzi, an Arab immigrant to Yunan Province in China. Later on it was brought to Malaya (now Malaysia) by Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Yunani in the 19th century. He then taught it to a prominent majistrate of Mersing town in the State of Johore by the name of Awang Daik. Awang Daik named it Gayang Lima . It is also known as Buah Pukul Mersing or Buah Timur. It was further taught to Pak Teh Mat Yasin who then passed it on to Pak Atan. Pak Atan also trained under Chu Aman, his senior under the same master. Thank you for your comments and ratings. Please visit La ila ha illAllah Muhammad ar Rasulullah Tribute to my late parents, Saidina Samaon AlRadzi, Ayahanda Pak Atan and all my teachers and brothers. May Allah bless them all. Selawat & Al Fatihah. Allahumma solli ‘ala Sayidina Muhammad wa’ala alihi wasoh bihi wassallim. AlFaatihah gayanglima@blogspot home VCD1 available for purchase and downloading as shown on Please click the link below to buy it through PayPal :


Silat G5 Basic Fighting Techniques — 24 Comments

  1. @Skillking22 —— its a mixture of chinese n malay martial arts.It brought down by a chinese muslim name Syed Abdul Rahman Yunani who came to malaysia in the 18 century. He then mix his art with silat sendeng and silat sunting then known as silat mersing.From there it evolve to different branch,gayang lima,lian pandukan,lian yunan,senjata lapan …….

  2. Very obvious this is copied from Chinese martial arts. WTF This ain’t Malay tradition, duh.

  3. @kenfo0 You are such a coward, I will offer to fight you with one hand tied behind my back. Or would you prefer that I fight you with a blindfold on.

  4. well if ur moslem and u r interested azan recitation u can do so by visiting on my page..feel free to drop a visit…thanks for ur attention and kindness,do have ur words please and rate..pls subscribe so u dun miss out my very next upload ok?so we can help promote adzan as one of the syiar islam…dijemput saudara2 yg menonoton vid silat ini berkelapangan ke page sy utk mendengarkan dan melihat vid azan…sekian tkseh ye ats perhatiannya..

  5. @kenfo0 Ken Fool, come out and play you yellow-bellied coward. I have challenged you and you refuse to accept my challenge. Stop acting like a bitch and lets fight if you think Silat is ineffective. I will beat you like you have never been beaten before. We can fight in a dojo, park, or anywhere for that matter. I will travel to your location of choice with a few friends of mine, just to show you that you are a bitch.

  6. wah..ini kuntau nie..bagos niey..banyak men buah pukul..1 kali sungsung ar pakcik..biau terlentang maklah tu..mahu jalan titi..

  7. @kenfo0 I train Silat with some hunting buddies of mine in the woods of Connecticut every two weeks. We train realistically and in all weather conditions. All of us are ex military. I invite you to come and show us what we do is unrealistic. We promise not to hurt you. if you are interested, send me a private message. In the gym i train Muy Thai but in the woods it’s all Silat for survival.

  8. @kenfo0 I returned the favor and marked your message as spam, you no good bastard. I have studied with Silat masters and I’m thankful and very appreciative that they shared their knowledge with me. You are an ungrateful bastard who lacks the ability to understand when someone is giving you a gift of very high value.

  9. knape skrg ni bnyk sgt silat ?? bermacam2 jenis silat ada skrg ni .. dulu aku rse xdela bnyk sgt ..

  10. kalau ada 10 org guru silat gayang 5 mcm mcm jenis buah pukol ada…..cari mkan mungkin selpas ini ada silat gayang wing chun ( yang wing chun)

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