I-Streetrace.com – Grey Mitsubishi EVO VS Black Turbo Honda Civic EG!!!!

Here is some footage between a Turbo Civic and a Mitsubishi Evolution. Checkout www.teamgmpt.com for the brand that represents our lifestyle!! Checkout http for more street videos!!!!


I-Streetrace.com – Grey Mitsubishi EVO VS Black Turbo Honda Civic EG!!!! — 24 Comments

  1. first of the civic had a head start and the guy doing the toss sucked at it, no matter what evo would still wip his ass and that civic driver so called say he is the best driver who drove againts the evo miss 3rd gear is the worst and stupid excuse i ever heard, congrats to the evo and the driver, civic had a head start but evo still wip his ass..

  2. For those saying the civic needs a better driver think again that man drove that car like nobody else can.the evo was on the bottle thats the only reason he won,the civic never got the rematch i wonder why lol.

  3. civic does need better driver hit the redline too long in first or else he woulda had the 2 feet the evo won by nice race though

  4. wow at 1:56. what if when he took off his door didnt shut all the way and when he braked his door would have broke off lol ohh man i would of been pissed!

  5. @BlankoKidKali thats why a FWD car launched on it…and it still barely pulled the Honda right?

  6. The EVO won by n inch bcuz of dat 4 wheel drive acceleration but dat EG is beast!!

  7. @Marshmallowrex u dont have to get mad…that civic had slicks and still got beat by awd bull shit. Guess awd has its place somewhere eh…..

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