Girls In Ink – Sexy Girls With Hot Tattoo — 25 Comments

  1. @paragshah2112 for the record, i didnt loom on this vid or endure that god damned song. i cant even enjoy these vids because of it. i just killed the sound long enough to type these comments and dislike the vid so it wont get credit for my view.

  2. why does EVERY fucking jerkoff HAVE to play evanescence for EVERY one of their montage vids on youtube? that song blows. its melodramtic, its overdone, and everyone who puts their face to that song looks like proper faggot, and a complete tool of douchebaggery. this goes DOUBLE for girls, seeing how they are the worst culprits of them all when it comes to fucking retard shit like this.

    btw, evanescence will go down in history’s record collection next to alvin and the chimpmunks and nickelback.

  3. Those women r fuckin sexy, it’s art like u put up on ur wall, especially if it has great meaning to them, it’s beautiful and adds “pop” to their frame.

  4. Such a terrible shame that women could ever consider defacing themselves with Tattoos, shame, shame, shame.

  5. @70monticarlo your fuckin stupid ive been aroud tattoos all my life and i can safely say that none of these are “penned’. and who are you to tell any one what not to do. its their bodies and if they want to get inked so be it

  6. You young chicks ,don’t get fooled into thinking this is all “cool”,a lot of these women are models,and those are not real tatoos! I know for a fact that at least one of them is just penned!

  7. What a shame! I see some BEAUTIFUL girls here that have destroyed their beauty with too much ink. Some ink is okay, but some of these girls went too far in my opinion.

  8. Julie Bond would look so much finer with color tats, I think females should get color tats, it looks good on them.

  9. 0:38 I know that girl is a pornstar but I can’t remember her name, can someone help me out? That bitch had some good videos!

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