bmw 335i coupe test drive and walk around by reveuro — 23 Comments

  1. Can you tell me how many inches this car was lowered? Thanks a lot and thanks for sharing this great vid!

  2. @RangeTDV6 Its a known issue on this car that some of the early 07 models did not have an oil cooler. If driven hard they would go into limp mode because the car would overheat. I have an 07 manufactured in September and mine has the oil cooler. The oil temp never crosses over half no matter how hard i push it.

  3. @oksymoroni i don’t know,that’s strange to not put a oil cooler in this car…

  4. @RangeTDV6 Its probably one of the earliest versions without the oil cooler. They run high if stepped on

  5. @DizBoiFrum415 wtf?? the oil temp is under the rev. counter!! so,it’s high!

  6. I almost bought this car when they were selling it back in 09′. I just wanted something more raw and visceral, so ended up getting a 06 M3, love it.

  7. @siccbtb4goat The exhaust system is standard on this model if I’m correct. So you don’t have to spend money on that because it’s already been tuned by BMW.

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