The Pacific Coast Highway in a BMW 335i – Garage419

Garage419 drives the new BMW 335i Convertible on one of the best roads in the world, the Pacific Coast Highway. Host Matt Farah explores the legendary road for the first time in his life in a car that seems to be built specifically for occasion.


The Pacific Coast Highway in a BMW 335i – Garage419 — 25 Comments

  1. Still would rather get a e46 m3. It’s even cheaper than a 335i nowadays. Saw one go for 14k on Craigslist with 80k miles.

  2. Lol i must work in France for school about this road… The road of liberty…

  3. this guy is one of the hosts along with Adam Carolla on “The Car Show” on Speed Channel.

  4. @alexcheetah79 i know man i live in toronto too, riding in a convertible on a beautiful sunny day on this highway would be amazing

  5. @TKLiveDrive Of course it turns into HWY 101 but still basically the same thing

  6. I don’t live in Cali, but the PCH is still amazing in Oregon. The part shown looks incredible though.

  7. @alexcheetah79 no stay in toronto, in california we waiting the BIG ONE, you know what i mean.

  8. I’ve done this road on mustang with one of my best friends, it was awesome. Later i went all the way to WA state. Over 1000miles of curvy road along ocean, mostly cliffs and great fores in OR. Trip def worth to make. Awesome journey

  9. I love driving on the PCH every weekend. By the way, there IS an “M” on the car….it’s just between a “B” and a “W.” 😉

  10. @Jamzkangster E93 is the convertible, E92 is the coupe and E90 is the 4-door

  11. I love the BMW’s fat steering wheel, omfg, nothing feels better than it…No Homo.

  12. @theponytheory
    Good luck, road is closed from Lucia to Monterey both north and south. I was stuck up there all week. Nice stretch south of Lucia too though…

  13. Doing this april 1st… in a mustang. fuck you toronto, wet, cold toronto.

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