Rally Racing with Travis Pastrana & Dave Mirra

Attack of the Show’s Blair Herter teams up with rally racers Travis Pastrana and Dave Mirra to see who can finish an obstacle course filled with toy robots, giant stuffed monkeys and mushrooms first! For more from AOTS Exclusive, go here: g4tv.com


Rally Racing with Travis Pastrana & Dave Mirra — 25 Comments

  1. History of history. I am njot against Travis or Dave but, what about Colin and the other Greats.

  2. This is stupid. You can’t even see the time trial which is the only cool part.

  3. @jarnoob Tho his statements weren’t accurate.. at least pastrana is fast… everyone acknowledges that… Dave Mirra is a snail…

  4. @surfboardseverywhere Yep, something shit itself. …and the car didn’t move move after that.

  5. face it – Americans are far from being world champs – next time invite some Finns instead!

  6. @enzced LOL YOU’RE JOKING RIGHT?! Ken block has never finished a race because he always crashes.

  7. @rodman6677 did you think he was just gonna hop in a rally car and start getting win after win? practice maked perfect my friend. he has conquered the dirt bike world and he is trying to do the same with rally. he is an incredible athlete who has broken consecutive records, and he could kick your ass in rally any day.

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