Kendo -The King

A short video with Masahiro Miyazaki. The living legend of kendo! Mr. Miyazaki is : – 6 Times All Japan Kendo Champion – 2 Times Second Place All Japan Kendo Championships – World Kendo Champion – 6 Times All Japan Police Champion – 3 Times All Japan 7th Dan Chapmion


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  1. @Gorgoroth969 I just started 6 months ago, a few days after my 34th birthday. It is a long road, but no matter how late you start, you can learn. You will never reach this guy’s level, and you will struggle against those with years of experience, but you will advance. One nice thing is that competition is divided by skill level, not age, so even if you never achieve high rank, you can still participate. Also, you can continue practice late into life.

  2. amazing. that speed is ridiculous. its targets so precise. i profess to not studying anything of this nature, but am affectionate to its way. i apologize if i offend with my nub assumptions and critique in saying. WOW! i i haven’t seen anything before of this speed and precision with such minimal wasted movement. there may be faster that i have yet to see but wow.
    its Samurai Deeper Kyo =)

  3. @txuxfxaxcxe and won the hachidan taikai ( 寛仁親王杯第9回八段選抜剣道大会 – 4. september 2010 ) too.

  4. @txuxfxaxcxe and won the hachidan taikai ( 寛仁親王杯第9回八段選抜剣道大会 ) too.

  5. Korean has been trying to steal Chinese and Japanese traditional culture and make FAKE TRADITIONAL CULTURE in this era. and They try to be its origin.

    I want all foreiner to know this crisis.

    Korean think Bushido , Katana , Samurai and so many Japanese tradional culture and chinese culture? is korean origin.


    Their mimic of Kendo(komdo) will come to Japan expo in France this year.

    watch this

  6. @zenaku85 hachidan apparently… ah, hachidan is amazing! my sensei is seventhdan (chichi?dan) so thinking about hachidan… wah, so crazy amazing!!!!!

  7. @zenaku85
    he’s 8th dan now, the highest possible rank achievable through performance. say what you like about him but he IS one of a kind!

  8. i know nothing about kendou and planing to learn it…

    but man can tell he is godlike….

  9. o_o…. wait o_O… upon further inspection.. O_O Holy Shit that was an ippon?

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