Heavy Rain – Sexy Girl [2/2] — 24 Comments

  1. @YzabelleDeeRay You complained about your sister seeing this inappropriate content for her age in the game. While the game is obviously rated for people 7 years older than her.

  2. @greenbladex is there really any reason you have to call me that. What have I ever done to you? Nothing, because I don’t even know who you are. Plus, who really reads the age maturity?

  3. @YzabelleDeeRay That’s why it’s rated for 18+ years old people, smartass

  4. @jonzo22 lolz!i know right aha. But shes hot af tho,I’d fuck her if I was in the game!!! xD Damn,I wish this game was a porno…

  5. @TheFalkon29 I never invited her! or living room connects to the kitchen, so she came down to get food and asked me if I was playing some game that involved porn and I said “……HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT WORD IS?!”

  6. @YzabelleDeeRay lol thats why you should beat the game first , invite ppl later

  7. she takes off her shirt and bra. for a girl playing this and my 11 year old sister watching, i was awkward. :/

  8. oh man she didn’t take off her braw that was the WHOLE point of her mission…..!!!!!

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