Eddie Bravo SMOKE SERPENT “Jiu Jitsu” feat. Rakaa OFFICIAL Music Video

This is the official Music Video for Smoke Serpent featuring Rakaa. Produced by Six Digits Productions, Directed by Steven Moreno. www.sixdigitsproductions.com Audio produced by Danny Lohner The song is available on iTunes and reverbnation.com/smokeserpent.


Eddie Bravo SMOKE SERPENT “Jiu Jitsu” feat. Rakaa OFFICIAL Music Video — 25 Comments

  1. so…nothing to do with this song in particular but i just saw the…what i’ll call the gracie response video to this, g in a gi…and all i can say is that that song sucks donkey dick compared to this one lol!

  2. Love this song. Air played it off my IPAD2 at my UFC 144 party and people loved it. Everyone was surprised that Eddie Bravo was playing guitar.

  3. I liked it, its going in the ipod.glad to see and hear both gi and nogi in Eddie’s song.I hope in some crazy way that the 10th planet guys will see Eddie showing gi some love and they do the same as there black belt professor is. Alliance member

  4. @sinaquanon111 it is actually a song written by a bunch of bjj dudes. 1 purple belt, 2 brown belts and 1 black belt

  5. I actually thought this song was going to be shit-but i got to admit i was wrong, this song is damn good.

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