Corvette ZR1 vs Audi R8 – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy Clarkson heads out on to the Top Gear track for motoring’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup as America’s Corvette ZR1 takes on Europe’s Audi R8 V10. What will prevail – the American’s muscle, or the finesse of the European? Subscribe to see all the reviews, races and challenges: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook Top Gear Twitter: Latest Top Gear videos:


Corvette ZR1 vs Audi R8 – Top Gear – BBC — 24 Comments

  1. @TheGtaexperts1 wrong the ssc ultimate aero is which beat the original bughatti veyron making bughatti make the ss

  2. @TheGtaexperts1 oh wait said that wrong all foreign cars are peices of shit

  3. @arauzxa not all foreign cars are pieces of shit like shitty lambos and ferrairs

  4. zr1 fastest american built car and probably in the top 5 of the worlds fastes cars

  5. @MrArjun223 Funny, because if I’m not correct it was an Amercian Dodge Viper ACR-X that blitzed the Nurburgring and broke the previous record by a pretty significant amount. You are clearly a child who doesn’t look at both sides. And FYI, I’m from Britain.

  6. @stupot1998 nah, american cars r stupid,cheap .
    no comaprison for european jewels!!!

  7. I have to admit that Clarkson’s introduction and comments are hilarious and professional at the same time, I just wish he stops being CLEARLY biased against American cars

  8. Hell naw. I realized Top Gear BBC’s credibility when dealing with American cars is the same as the KKK’s credibility when talking about Black athletes.

  9. @ethanissocool Same producers and they have backing from the TGUK host.

    What were you saying about stealing?

  10. @Eisteeis The question is….why wouldn’t you look for a bus station if you are sitting in an R8 ?

  11. American top gear is trash….. I’m from America. Jeremy,Hamond, And james are so much cooler than all of the dudes on that show.. They steal challenges from the British version also…

  12. @TheNissanKing hoenstly i would kill to have either one of these cars, ive been a vette fan since i was little and after i saw jason stathams movie i told my self and everyone else the only foreign car i would ever buy is the audi r8, but the only reason why id take the zr1 over the r8 is one it is faster on the strip and two its american made

  13. @94XJ Yea I know what your saying.I do think the Vette is likely the best bang for your buck car on the market other than the Nissan GTR,but I feel it’s made for going fast in straight lines as opposed to being and everyday driver.Like I said I would like something that you don’t have to be on your toes driving 100 percent of the time.You are right the Audi is more forgiving and that is exactly why I would rather it.But that Vette is still a monster and is probably a blast to drive.

  14. I’m American, but fuck the ZR1…

    The R8 is such an amazing car, if you want a car that can do 1/4 mile in under 10 seconds, go ahead and buy a Corvette…

    But seriously, the Audi R8 is an all around better car, especially if you are gonna spend 100k on it

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