Lotus Evora road test – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy Clarkson takes the pocket sized but punchy Lotus Evora out on to the Top Gear track. With electronic gizmos in the front where an engine would normally sit and back seats and a boot, just where is the engine? Go to www.youtube.com to see a full list of all high quality videos available on the Top Gear YouTube channel and don’t forget to visit www.topgear.com for all the latest news and car reviews.


Lotus Evora road test – Top Gear – BBC — 25 Comments

  1. @jetpack1986 Why don’t you drive an Evora and then bitch about the engine not being sporty?

  2. @jetpack1986 agreed… thats why a lot of people buy used elises and slap a k20a motor in it and it is MUCH faster!!! hell, if they somehow managed to get the NSX motor into an evora… my god….. it would be one hell of a fast and reliable car!!!! though the camry idea isn’t so bad, i remember back when they did that in toyota mr2’s and they were godly quick!!

  3. My dream car, if you get a Evora and put some money into tuning it, you get something infinitely better than a Lambo or Ferrari and even cheaper.

  4. it’s sad that people think horsepower completely defines a supercar. the lotus destroys this stereotype with cars with half the hp, but faster lap times. how? light weight & superb handling. the evora is so well-balanced in all aspects, it’s my dream car

  5. has anyone noticed that the Lotus seems to “wink” as its drifts around a corner?

  6. @jetpack1986 you mean the camry isnt a sporty car not the camry’s engine. perfect example of this is the elise and exige both are extremely fast cars and both had engines out of a corolla the 1zz and 2zz

  7. camry engine? CAMRY ENGINE? is that a fucking joke? they could’ve used a honda or mitsu engine! the camry is not known to be sporty engine..

  8. This car is my dream. It’s luxurious showing off, it’s as fast as I want or need, it’s light and easily controllable, and most of all, it’s the most gorgeous machine I’ve ever seen.

  9. @hotgirlsarehot because its rubbish and ugly for that money I would buy a Mercedes C-Class coupe or an E-Class saloon or coupe or even an SLK

  10. @hotgirlsarehot Yeah but if you buy a base modle Porsche cayman you’re only going to get seats and a stearing wheel for your money

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