Shuriken-Jutsu “Sword Throw for real fight”(an alloy sword)

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Shuriken-Jutsu “Sword Throw for real fight”(an alloy sword) — 25 Comments

  1. Please watch a lot of no-spin Shuriken throwing with high speed camera.

    Please Enjoy next video.



  2. Please enjoy a lot of no-spin Shuriken throwing with high speed camera.

    Please watch next.







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  4. 7-
    the Ninja sword did not exist in the Katana which our government confiscated at the time of Meiji Restoration either.

    In addition, the Ninja sword did not exist in the Katana which the American armed forces confiscated after World War II either.

    We are the nations whom even a thing of the old times before 1000 years prizes very.

    But ChosonNinja of FAKE NINJA seems to have the article which does not exist in an origin country of Ninja.

    We laugh.


  5. 6-
    If a real Ninja sword existed, it would be kept in custody carefully by all means.
    However, it was not able to discover even by an expert of Ninjutsu of Iga and an expert of an old Japanese weapon at all.

    By the way,
    As for the ninja sword of Choson, was it appraise the generation by an expert of curio?

    When make a reproduction product, original reliability is a big problem.


  6. 5-
    If you examine it, you had better read Japanese ancient documents and a Japanese technical book.
    It is an established theory of a Japanese expert that the Ninja sword such as comics did not exist.

    The sword which did not exist does not have historic value.
    Therefore Tousho刀匠 do not make Ninja sword in Japan.
    It is only “a Ninja fan of a foreign country” that make it.

    We Japanese always keeps a curio in custody carefully.

  7. 4-
    So, the leader whom proud of a Ninja sword such as comics, and a shop sell it are impostors wholly.

    Now most of a description about direction for uses of a Ninja sword translated by English are wrong.
    It is never usable to a foot stool and schnorkel.
    Because straight Ninja sword like comics did not exist.
    On the other hand, a genuine old article exists in a Japanese national museum.
    And a few genuine articles are stored by an individual.
    But, it is limited by an expert of curio judgment

  8. 3-
    In addition, they do not sell a Ninja sword in a shop of formal Iai sword.
    It is because they lose dignity of a shop.
    A Westerner should watch reality.
    If it was the stuff which a Ninja sword existed historically, and had authority, the Japanese swordsmiths would make it.
    However, even a curio does not exist at all.
    Nobody makes even a modern Ninja sword in Japan.

    In other words a Japanese knows that it is a sword existing in only a novel and comics.

  9. 2-
    For example, when you use it as schnorkel,
    one hand is not usable because of the sword which you pulled in underwater.
    In addition, it is not designed in an angle to breathe.
    Also, when they go up over a wall, real Ninja uses an exclusive tool
    I call a non-practical product designed as a Ninja sword commonly with “a toy”


  10. By the way,
    It is known in Japanese commoner widely that the Ninja sword which seems to appear in comics is creation stuff in the Meiji era.
    Therefore, it is only a toy shop in Japan that sell a straight Ninja sword.
    I say that did not exist is the toy which was designed as a Ninja sword including a sheath(Saya) and a design of the Tuba.
    In particular it is doubted about the way of using.

  11. Please enjoy a lot of no-spin Shuriken throwing with high speed camera.


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  12. This is test of “Kata”
    In case of real fight you should move more firtsly.
    However in case of Kata, you should throw and stab all shuriken and sword rightly like 4:48.

    If you want to see real fight throw, watch both hand throwing in next vodeo.


  13. I know Iai isn’t your skill, but your is good. I didn’t mean to say you were a master. But I acknowlege anything above my skill as magnificent. My Iaijutsu is horrible, but then again, this is a wakizashi your using. Mine is a katana. However, how quick you draw then throw, its great. In a video about Metsubushi I making, I’m using a katana. You’ll see why I said your is great with my bad Iai. Take care.

  14. No no,
    I practiced this only dozens of minutes.
    Even a person knowing nothing about martial arts can draw this speed.
    Iai is not my particular field at all.

    However, a few parts of Shuriken use the difficult skill.

  15. This is actually one of my favorites outta your shurikenjutsu videos. I thought it’d be very difficult to throw a sword but then again, you’re a master.

  16. I lack a practice on technique to use Shuriken together with a sword very much.
    Perhaps it is yet a practice volume for few several hours.
    This technique is still on the way of my research.

  17. Thank you.
    Your “Ryu hayabusa sampler tricks 2006″and other your videos are Nice!

  18. It is a floor material (Tatami mat)to use for a Japanese house.

    Therefore I tell, “…there is detailed explanation about target in my “Another video”, please refer to it.”
    It is explained in comment column of somewhere of 108 videos.

  19. Because there is detailed explanation about target in my video, please refer to it.

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