Mixed Martial Arts Compilation

I’m also into Mixed Martial Arts and thought about learning some simple movies like this off the internet. I saw some Mixed Martial Arts on Youtube, and there were many comments saying “Make them into a compilation” and so I took that into consideration, hence this compilation, enjoy! PS, I take NO CREDIT for this compilation as all the videos were taken off the History channel ( History Channel FTW =D ) No Copyright Infridgement Intended! Don’t sue =D


Mixed Martial Arts Compilation — 25 Comments

  1. The next time i see grey guys walking in the street, i going run fast as possible…

  2. the only thing rong with tht triangle is he didnt move the arm properly to the other side so he wouldnt escape

  3. @JPballin1 its harder than u think man -_- not too hard but u will have to take good note of the moves and PRACTISE

  4. qual o nome da musica ? video mt bem editado desde já nós internaltas viciados em MMA e Muay thai agradecemos (y

  5. ay 0:58 an image of 3 people appears: one of them is in fight position… what does it mean?

  6. Nice compilation. I responded with a video also in case you want to mix some laughs with your mma.

  7. Just throwing this out there. The rear naked wasn’t even done correctly at the end.

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