Human Weapon – Taekwondo

In the ultimate search for a HUMAN WEAPON, mixed martial artist Jason Chambers and football pro Bill Duff put their bodies on the line as they train in the most lethal forms of combat before going toe-to-toe with masters of each fighting style. In MILITARY COMBAT, Jason and Bill train in Krav Maga, the renowned Israel Defense Forces form, as well as the formidable US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). The no-holds-barred Krav Maga, developed in Israel in the 1940s, has evolved into one of the world s deadliest hand-to-hand combat styles. MCMAP, a 21st Century fusion of styles, is officially called a synergy of mental, character, and physical disciplines with application across the full spectrum of violence. After intense training, our hosts put their Krav Maga ans MCMAP skills to the test against masters of the forms. Are Chambers and Duff up to the challenge?


Human Weapon – Taekwondo — 24 Comments

  1. You can easily see how sloppy and unbalance these TKO kicks are. In my practice of the art, I have failed all the time using it to assaults and only success in using it for defense.
    In my conclusion, the art of TKO is like Lao-tzu, to enable you to survive better than your opponent. That is in a combat, there will be a winner and a loser. (something wise like that, you know yin and yang) Because historically, the art succumbed to karate-do and other Japanese arts followed the occupation.

  2. But it survived and so have it practitioners. They don’t called them the hermit kingdom for no reason.

  3. You know the Korean practiced Lao-tzu, the yin and yang of thing? they employed it in their arts and so…a naturalistic/healing with it. (go beyond that and they go into metaphysical/realism and other pseudoscience or field like psychology)
    The Japanese system is the real killer, not just physique, strength, but mentality.
    Two different beasts!

  4. @pyrastome true true but I’m pretty sure you know that you know that while bringing your leg up to do the Axe Kick you could use the top of your foot to hit your opponent in the bottom of the chin that could break your jaw and if your opponent’s face is up after you uppercut them with the top of your foot well you know what would happen next…

  5. my dad used to train the taiwanese military marines in Tae Kwon Do and he says NEVER use the axe kick UNLESS your opponent is completely off guard or stunned. Because if he has powerful arms and if he blocks that kick your quads will tear and if your opponent dodges it your off balance.

  6. 12:13 he was clearly “wtf” this tiny asian man telling me to lose WEIGHT??! lol

  7. @aabceacba So true. Sparring and self-defense are two completely different mindsets.  While TKD is widely popular as a sport, it’s self-defense aspects are more than adequate to deal with the type of person a good guy would have to defend himself against.

  8. @mrdropdeadjoey I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult…actually I’ll take it as a compliment

  9. Tae kwon do kicks are lethal, i’ve injured even my sparring opponents by accident

  10. It kinda annoys me when people judge a martial art by saying “won’t work in a real fight.” All I have to say is “who the **** cares?”

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